Standard, and Nix and Rust, oh my!

This template uses Nix to create a sane development shell for Rust projects, Standard for keeping your Nix code well organized, Fenix for pulling the latest rust binaries via Nix, and Crane for building Rust projects in Nix incrementally, making quick iteration a breeze.

Rust Analyzer is also wired up properly for immediate use from a terminal based editor with language server support. Need one with stellar Nix and Rust support? Try Helix!


# make a new empty project dir
mkdir my-project
cd my-project

# grab the template
nix flake init -t github:divnix/std#rust

# do some inititialization
git init && git add .

# enter the devshell
direnv allow || nix develop

# continue some inititialization
cargo init # pass --lib for library projects
cargo build # to generate Cargo.lock

git add . && git commit -m "init"