: A Cell is the folder name of the first level under ${cellsFrom}. They represent a coherent semantic collection of functionality.

Cell Block

: A Cell Block is the specific named type of a Standard (and hence: Flake) output.

Block Type

: A Block Type is the unnamed generic type of a Cell Block and may or may not implement Block Type Actions.


: A Target is the actual output of a Cell Block. If there is only one intended output, it is called default by convention.


: An Action is a runnable procedure implemented on the generic Block Type type. These are abstract procedures that are valuable in any concrete Cell Block of such Block Type.

The Registry

: The Registry, in the context of Standard and if it doesn't refer to a well-known external concept, means the .#__std flake output. This Registry holds different Registers that serve different discovery purposes. For example, the CLI can discover relevant metadata or a CI can discover desired pipeline targets.