The freestyle history of the project was productive during the alpha stage, but as the code stabilizes, so too must our processes.

This roadmap gives an overview of the short and mid term direction that the project aims to take.

Deliverable Categories

We've identified a couple of deliverable categories in line with the architectural overview.

These help us to better understand the work spectrum associated with the project.

Process Categories

To run automation we have to set it up, first. We should keep that in mind when working on the backlog and therefore classify:

  • Setup
  • Automation

For setup, besides function libraries, a variety of supporting material is crucial, such as:

  • Documentation & Instructions
  • Patterns & Shared Mental Models
  • Quick Start Templates
  • Onboarding & Learning Content
Process Regions

Per our architectural overview, we distinguish these process regions:

  • Development Environment
  • Build Pipeline
  • Deployment and Beyond (Application Lifecycle Management)
Deliverable Types
  • Docs
  • CLI commands or TUI helpers
  • Integrations
  • Library functions
  • Block Types
  • Stable interfaces
  • Community outreach

Milestone v1

With the above in mind, the issue backlog will be regularly groomed and prioritized. This is an aid for the core contributors, but it may also provide the necessary orientation to get new contributors set up.