… is a function to generate an OCI Image via nix2container.

The function signature is as follows:

  Creates an OCI container image

  name: The name of the image.
  entrypoint: The entrypoint of the image. Must be a derivation.
  tag: Optional tag of the image (defaults to output hash)
  setup: A list of setup tasks to run to configure the container.
  uid: The user ID to run the container as.
  gid: The group ID to run the container as.
  perms: A list of permissions to set for the container.
  labels: An attribute set of labels to set for the container. The keys are
  automatically prefixed with "org.opencontainers.image".
  options: Additional options to pass to nix2container.buildImage.

  An OCI container image (created with nix2container).